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Steffen Sebastian Schäfer

Steffen, born in 1984, is a german graphic designer & photographer.

Steffen’s life is characterized by isolation, fear and perfectionistic manic phases. Through a hard phase of growing up with loss, violence and being lost, he developed severe depression and an anxiety disorder in young adulthood. In form of design and photography he processes the deep gulf of falling and flying. The desire for the blossoming, the clear and straight beauty and the true genuine transience.

“As an artist, I'd choose the thing that's beautiful more than the one that's true."

(Laurie Anderson)

Steffen Sebastian Schäfer declares with this single phrase all the deep and violent sea of emotions that moves his work. Seemingly classic and elegant, Schäfer’s photographs show a desire for beauty, for purity. Considering his practice and the plurality of his works, one has the feeling that the artist is striving for an ideal of pleasure that will never be contaminated. In order to reach this ideal, he knows he has to cross the darkness of what has withered before its time or has never even blossomed. These photographs are a tribute to unborn happiness. A flower on a black background, a perspective slightly from below, almost asserts a political aspect of the natural element, as if to restore to the flower the dignity it deserves. Schäfer not only shows us what has probably been or would have been trampled upon, but also claims its uniqueness and importance. The choice of titles is definitely interesting, the artist calls „Beauty and her admirers“, the print with the subject a group of flowers not exactly beautiful by classic aesthetic canons but with a very strong reference to the human figure. A mother with her 5 children can almost be seen here. Instead he calls only with her own name „Cyclamen“, two cyclamen flowers whose white is dazzling light of purity and kindness that seems to be what the artist is looking for, but maybe once found, almost loses that need to filter and interpret leaving only the said arrival: beauty. These subjects in black and white, have suffered and proudly want to end their cycle help to make the road beaten and less tortuous for those who come after. These works are an honorable salute.

Art Curator Federica D’Avanzo